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Defining Domains

Domains are containers of data sources that allow you to assign data ownership and access management to specific business units, subject matter experts, or teams at the nexus of cross-functional groups. Instead of centralizing your data governance and giving users too much governance over all your data, you delegate and control their power over data sources they own by granting them permission within domains in Immuta.

Domains are typically defined by your organization’s data governance board and closely aligned with business departments or units, such as Sales, Customer Service, or Finance. Domains can also be defined by value stream, such as Patient Health Records, Fraud Detection, or Quality Control.

Who will do this?

The task of setting up domains in Immuta can be done by any member of the team with the GOVERNANCE permission and assigning domain permissions can be done by any member of the team with the USER_ADMIN permission.

Consider users' jobs in a domain

When delegating control to your data product owners, it's possible to further segment that control within domains. If you want to give the user control to build policies on the data sources (the data products) in the domain, that is managed by giving them the Manage Policies permission in the domain.