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Manage Project Equalization

Use project equalization so that all project members see the same data, and re-equalize projects if new members or data sources are added to the project.

Requirement: You must own the project

Enable project equalization

  1. In the project, click the Policies tab.
  2. In the Project Equalization section, click the toggle button to On.

    Note: Only project owners can add data sources to the project if this feature is enabled.

Manage equalized entitlements

Best practice: use the recommended equalized entitlements

Use Immuta's recommended equalized entitlements to protect your data in projects. Changing these entitlements creates two potential disadvantages:

  • If you add entitlements, members might see more data as a whole, but at least some members of the project will be out of compliance.

  • If you remove entitlements, the project will be open to users with fewer privileges, but this change might make less data visible to all project members. Removing entitlements is only recommended if you foresee new users joining with less access to data than the current members.

  1. Click Edit next to Equalized Entitlements.
  2. In the Equalized Entitlements Builder, select either is a member of a group or possesses attribute from the user condition dropdown menu.

    • If you selected is a member of a group, select the appropriate group from the resulting dropdown.
    • If you selected possesses attribute, select the appropriate key and value from the subsequent dropdown menus.
  3. Click Save.

To view members' compliance status after changing the equalized entitlements,

  1. Navigate to the Members tab from the Project Overview page.

  2. Click the Not In Compliance text to view the details about the user's status.

Users who are not in compliance will be unable to view data sources within the project until the compliance issues are resolved.

To revert entitlements to those recommended by Immuta,

  1. Click Edit next to Equalized Entitlements.
  2. Click Use Recommended.
  3. Click Confirm.

Manage validation frequency

Update the validation frequency to specify how often users must log into Immuta to retain access to the project.

  1. Click Edit in the Validation Frequency section.
  2. Enter an integer in the first field of the Validation Frequency modal that appears.
  3. Select Days or Hours in the next dropdown.
  4. Click Save.

Disable project equalization

  1. Navigate to the Policies tab.
  2. In the Project Equalization section, click the toggle button to Off.
  3. Click Yes, Turn Off in the confirmation window.