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Upgrade Overview

Introduced in 2024.2, the Immuta Enterprise Helm chart (IEHC) is an entirely new Helm chart used to deploy Immuta. Unlike the previous Immuta Helm chart (IHC), the IEHC shares the same version as the Immuta product. Each version of the chart supports a singular version of Immuta. Upgrading the Immuta version now entails upgrading the underlying Helm chart. Failure to do so will lead to an unsupported configuration.

Chart name Common name Immuta versions Description
immuta Immuta Helm chart (IHC) <2024.2 Version independent of the Immuta product
immuta-enterprise Immuta Enterprise Helm chart (IEHC) 2024.2 Version shared with the Immuta product

Helm chart deprecation notice

As of Immuta version 2024.2, the IHC has been deprecated in favor of the IEHC. The immuta-values.yaml Helm values files are not cross-compatible.

This section provides upgrade guides for two scenarios:

  • Upgrade to Immuta v2024.2 LTS: Follow this guide if you are upgrading from Immuta 2024.1.x or older. Since these older versions of Immuta use the legacy IHC, this page instructs you to upgrade from the IHC to the IEHC.
  • Upgrade Immuta: Follow this guide if you are upgrading from the 2024.2 LTS to a newer version. This page instructs you to upgrade the IEHC.