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Native Integration Architecture

Immuta is not just a location to define your policy logic; Immuta also enforces that logic in your data platform. How that occurs varies based on each data platform, but the overall architecture remains consistent and follows the NIST Zero Trust framework. The below diagram describes the recommended architecture from NIST:


Immuta lives in the middle control plane. To do this, Immuta knows details about the subjects and enterprise resources, acts as the policy decision point through policies administered by policy administrators, and makes real-time policy decisions using the internal Immuta policy engine.

Lastly, and of importance to how Immuta Secure functions, Immuta also enables the policy enforcement point by administering the policies natively in your data platform in a way that can react to policy changes and live queries.

Configuring the native integration

To use Immuta, you must configure the Immuta native integration, which will require some level of privileged access to administer policies in your data platform, depending on your data platform and how the Immuta integration works. Please refer to Snowflake roles best practices for Snowflake before configuring the native integration.